Families and professionals can now quickly and conveniently sign-in/out with the digital kiosk at any Retirement Residence. Visitors can enter their names (or scan their personalized barcode from their phone), enter the resident’s room number, and a name tag label will print. The photo of the visitor is taken for security reference. Upon exiting, the visitor will only need to scan the barcode on the name tag to sign-out. All records are stored on the cloud server and are available anytime for analysis.


Pre-register Visitors:
Residents can pre-register their visitors ahead of time for faster sign-ins.

Professional Appointments: 
Create appointments for professionals and couriers ahead of time to allow them to self sign-in.

Unattended Entrances: 
For unattended entrances that are locked, visitors can sign-in only if they are pre-registered in the system. A name tag is printed and the door unlocks after successful verification.

Create Custom Questionnaire: 
For add an extra level of protection and security, visitors must answer a custom questionnaire such as a COVID-19 Screening before entering the establishment.

Kiosk with COVID-19 Screening, Temperature Scan & Facial Recognition

Key Features

  • Accurately checks person’s temperature
  • Conducts a Covid-19 screening (option for scan QR code to sign in by phone)
  • Prints a Name Tag label for person to wear while in the building to prove that they have been verified
  • Option to automatically unlock and open door
  • Sign out by scanning QR code on Name Tag
  • Logs all records on the Server
  • Sends email notifications when a person has high temperature or does not pass the screening


  • Automated self-serve, reduce human errors
  • Improve security – visitors need to wear a Name Tag
  • Logs all Sign-ins/outs on the Server for greater accountability
  • Instant email notification when someone has high temperatures or does not pass the screening
  • Could be used as a secured and automated Visitor Sign-in system post pandemic
  • COST SAVINGS! Up to $150,000 per year per site

Ideal For


Management System

Staff can log into the server from a laptop or tablet to pre-register visitors, enter professional appointments, view logs and perform various functions such as search, view visit frequency, traffic count, and many more analytic tools.


  • Faster sign-in/out process
  • Enhance security with visitor verification process
  • Allows secured sign-ins at unattended entrances
  • Takes photo of visitors for security reference
  • Visitors can easily be identified when wearing a name tag
  • No more unreadable handwritings in log books
  • Numerous analytic and search tools available on the cloud server
Improve Security & Efficiency!

Hardware Solutions

Standard System

Display: 12″ – 15.6″ Touchscreen

– Single or dual screen (2nd screen for staff use)

– Anti-spy & anti-bacterial

Thermal Label Printer

– Prints 90mm x 60mm removable adhesive labels

Barcode Scanner

– Scans barcode on name tags to log sign-outs and re-entries


– Take photos of visitors on sign-ins


Magnetic Card Reader

Retrieve visitor’s full name with a simple swipe of ID for faster sign-in

– Anti-spy & anti-bacterial

Access Controller

– Integration with existing door system to unlock doors

Stylus Pens

– Provide an alternative touch option


– Notify residents when a visitor has arrived via a text message or a pop-up message on TV screen

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