The power of IdeaOne's


and user-interface.

Updating and publishing content has never been easier! 

Central Management Software

The IdeaOne software is a cloud-based web interface that puts the power of content management at your fingertips. Create custom templates, schedule to play campaigns by screen / date / time, and publish content instantly and remotely from anywhere, on any device.

Software Features

  • Extremely easy-to-use drag-and-drop web interface
  • Schedule your content remotely with ease from any device (PC, Phone, Tablet)
  • Manage multiple displays in different locations
  • Create playlists to show on specific dates/times
  • Show promotions in any format - videos, static posters, PDFs, websites, etc.
  • Numerous screen layouts to select from or design your own
  • Pre-made templates and graphic design and editing tools available
  • Incorporate live TV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, websites, flight departures, meeting & event schedules, sports trivia, news, weather, etc.

Easy. Flexible. Powerful.

Maximize the use of your TVs and turn them into a powerful marketing tool! Your customers and guests can enjoy all the exciting sports games while seeing your promotional ads! It is as simple as “Plug ‘n Play” with IdeaOne’s TV-in Media Player + Digital Signage Software!



Custom Application and Hardware Design

Have an idea? Whether it’s a custom hardware design or a unique software application, our team of expert developers and engineers can build a solution that meets your business requirements. From concept to implementation, IdeaOne will be with you all the way!