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Company Overview

IdeaOne provides restaurants and bars a powerful and easy-to-use digital signage software that can incorporate static posters and videos, live sports games, Instagram and Facebook feeds, sports tickers, etc. Create custom templates, schedule campaigns by screen, date, time, update content instantly and remotely from anywhere, on any device!

Furthermore, IdeaOne provides an array of hardware devices that make digital signage that much easier. The most affordable and common are our “plug and play” Media Dongle and TV Box. With our software pre-installed, just plug it into the HDMI input of your existing TV, set it to your WiFi and Kazaam! You are now digital signage ready! (and ready to boost sales!)

For a more stylish look and custom application, we offer a unique line of displays that include Digital Poster Boards, Interactive Bistro┬áTables, Floor Standing Displays, Menu/Info Kiosks, Counter Top Tablet-Style Displays, Portable Charging Stations and Displays, and Digital Lockers. Plus, IdeaOne’s team of creative and IT professionals will be with you every step of the way!

Why Choose Us


IdeaOne designs and manufactures its own display and hardware products, therefore providing clients greater options and customization.


IdeaOne’s core digital signage software can meet the needs of all types of businesses, big or small! Voted the most powerful and easy-to-use software in the world.


IdeaOne offers 24-hour support for your convenience and peace of mind whether it’s a hardware issue or a simple question about software feature.

The Power and Ease of Content Management Software

Extremely easy-to-use drag-and-drop cloud-based web interface enables you to readily manage and schedule content anywhere and at anytime.

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