This state-of-the-art touchscreen system is the perfect input device for staff and nurses to enter information and reports in real-time. Commonly placed in corridors, it has a modern robust design with numerous features such as anti-spy, anti-bacterial and anti-glare. The screen can be programmed to show date and time when in idle mode and has password security feature. At half the cost of most comparable devices, this system is also equipped with adjustable height mounting brackets for ergonomics compliance.

Features & Specs

Standard Specs:

  • PoE all-in-one display
  • Screen size: 14″ – 18.5″

System Features:

  • Password protection
  • Custom launcher/desktop
  • Time-out auto log-out security
  • Idle mode screensaver displays date and time

Recommended Features:

  • Anti-spy (privacy)
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-glare

Stylus Pens:

  • Touch pen secured to each unit
  • Custom colours and logo available

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