Interactive Media Tables


This all-in-one interactive touch display system is a great crowd-pleaser. Ideal for self-ordering, information source, entertainment, and interactive games. It is a fabulous edition or alternative to a building’s Leisure Room.

Customizable to fit any space, it is a great communal and entertainment piece packed with dozens of popular solo and team games such as Pool, Air Hockey, Ping Pong, Foosball, etc. Furthermore, the digital table is exceptionally useful for professional meetings and group work.

It is water-proof and tempered-proof and can be custom made to sizes between 21.5″ – 80″. 



View menus, order, and pay


Play interactive games  & trivia as a team or solo, surf the web, stream videos, access social media


Watch live TV and sports games


Great for communal and professional group activities


Wireless charging for smartphones

For Work. For Play. For Everything.

Condo Leisure Rooms

The conventional fixture to most building’s Leisure Room has been the standard “Pool Table” for decades. But how many people actually play pool? Recent surveys show that less than 5% of all tenants use it and not more than 6 times a year! The upkeep could prove troublesome and costly. Some buildings opt for Ping Pong and Air Hockey tables instead.

Retirement Homes

The Interactive Media Table is an invaluable asset to any retirement home. Pre-loaded with dozens of popular table and card games, Residents can enjoy their favourite games solo or with friends and without the need to re-shuffle cards or re-assemble the pieces. There are numerous brain games that can help maintain memory and brain functions. It is a senior-friendly navigation tool that can allow Residents to surf the web, watch YouTube, read daily news, check the weather, and view daily menus and recreational activities.


The Interactive Media Table makes for a fabulous addition to the restaurant and hospitality industry. The table can significantly reduce long wait time and keep customers entertained with games, streaming services, and access to social media throughout the night. Moreover, the all-in-one system can allow customers to conveniently view the restaurant’s menu, place their orders, and pay through an app. The table is available in various sizes between 21.5″-85″ which makes it a perfect asset to any dining room or lounge setting. The Media Table is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser!

Features & Specs

  • All-in-one with built-in Android Media System (option for Windows)
  • Industrial grade LED/LCD panel
  • High-light penetrating water and tempered proof glass
  • Equipped with wireless charging 
  • WiFi and ethernet enabled
  • Robust for 24/7 operation
  • Sizes: 21.5″ – 85″ interactive touch screen
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 & 4K
  • Optional: Customizable base to fit any space, wheels on base 

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