IdeaOne Displays are designed for the purpose of displaying customized information and targeted advertising and can also be programmed for customer interaction.

Its state-of-art design and LED technology gives the display a stylish, more modern edge that separates itself from traditional screens.

Together with the latest integrated media system, it makes for a more compact, all-in-one solution with fewer hardware pieces and no visible wires.


Show promotional posters or specials

Display product information and menus

Interactive way-finding and kiosk

Endless remote programming possibilities with IdeaOne’s software

Features & Specs

  • All-in-One with built-in Android Media System
  • Industrial grade LED/LCD panel
  • High light-penetrating tempered proof glass
  • WiFi and ethernet enabled
  • Robust for 24/7 operation
  • Sizes: 32″ – 85″
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 & 4K
  • Application: Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Optional: Touchscreen, single- or double-sided 4G, wheels on baseĀ 

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