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Application Benefits

Digital displays are becoming increasingly important and an integral part of daily communications. Provide guests and customers with up-to-date information and promotions, as well as enhance their experiences and engagement. IdeaOne has a large selection of interactive displays that can make communication easy and enhance users’ experience and engagement. 

Turn your TVs into a powerful tool with IdeaOne's software and TV-in Media Player

Convert your paper posters and promos into Digital Posters with endless wireless programming possibilities

Conveniently update and display daily menus on our Interactive Menu Stands

Protect yourself and others from the spread of germs with our contactless Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Residents can read latest news, browse for upcoming events and recreational activities, surf the net and play memory training games on our Interactive Media Tables

Keep track of all your residents' whereabouts and health status using our embedded RFID Security and Tracking Bracelets

Information Displays

Provide Residents with real-time information on daily menus, recreational activities, events and notices, weather and news, and memorable photos on digital displays in the common areas and on the TVs in Residents’ rooms.

Visitor Sign-in System

Families and Professionals can now quickly and conveniently Sign-in/out with the Digital Kiosk. Visitors enter their names and the Resident’s room number, then a personalized Name Tag Label is printed for in-and-out privileges. It is a great way to improve security & efficiency!

PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Display System

This state-of-the-art touchscreen system is the perfect input device for Staff and Nurses to enter information and reports in real-time. It is compatible with all health care software systems.

"Buddy TV" Box

Using a custom remote controller or voice assistance, Residents can conveniently and easily view daily menus, recreational activities and view photos shared by loved ones.

Residents can watch regular TV programming, use streaming services, and access numerous functions from the menu.

"Life-Mate" Location Tracking & Alert System

Modern technology can provide Residents with convenience, security, and safety. In case of emergency situations, it is critical to be able to pin-point the location of the Resident and provide quick response. 

Connected Technology

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