Keep your guests Informed, Entertained, and Engaged
with IdeaOne's display technology and central management software.
It's Fast. Easy. Affordable.

Application Benefits

Digital displays are becoming increasingly important and an integral part of daily communications. Provide guests and customers with up-to-date information and promotions, as well as enhance their experiences and engagement. IdeaOne has a large selection of interactive displays that can make communication easy and enhance users’ experience and engagement.

Turn your TVs into a powerful tool with IdeaOne's software and TV-in Media Player​​

Convert and display your paper posters to Digital Posters with endless wireless programming possibilities​

Generate additional revenue, enhance customer experience and retention with Phone Charging Products

Customers can browse promotions, sales, and announcements on Countertop Tablets while they wait at the checkout counter

Keep track of your staff reports and schedule with our Time Attendance Biometric System

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Customize Your Screen Layouts

Information and screen layouts are customizable to your needs.

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