Parcel Delivery Locker facilitates the parcel delivery and pick up process securely and efficiently. The Courier stores the parcel in a designated locker box and the recipient can pick it up anytime with a Pincode.

Item Storage and Phone Charging Locker allows patrons to temporarily store personal items or charge their phones securely using Pincode, facial recognition and fingerprint technology.



For Parcel Delivery and Pickup

Fitness Centres: 
For temporary storage of small personal items / phone charging in the reception area and in the change rooms

Electronic lockers for students

Amusement Parks & Shopping Centres:
Temporary storage of personal items and phone charging


Intelligent Parcel Lockers (IPL) is a technology based on cloud computing and smart devices that can easily recognize, store, monitor and manage parcels. The IPL facilitates the parcel delivery and pick up process securely and efficiently without any supervision or time co-ordination, therefore, providing convenience to both the courier and the recipient.

The IPL can significantly save time and money, as it is essentially a self-serving parcel delivery system freeing up the concierge’s time to perform other tasks.

Our client portfolio includes Amazon, Wal-Mart, FedEx, SF Express, JD.com, Brazil Easy Post, Australia Post Mate… with installations in Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America.

Modular Configuration

The IPL system is modular and consists of one main control CONSOLE and a combination of various MODULAR units to create the desired configuration. Modular units could be added or removed at anytime as required.

Features &

Robust for 24/7 Operation

  • System: Central control, cloud-based
  • Number of boxes: 24 – 1,200
  • Box sizes: Customizable
  • Communications: WiFi Enable, 4G optional
  • Optional: QR scanner, printer, payment module, advertising screen, security camera

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