Turn residents’ TV sets into a powerful communication and information system with the smart “Buddy TV” Box. Using a custom remote controller or with voice assistance, residents can conveniently and easily view daily menus, recreational activities, and view photos shared by loved ones. Furthermore, they can video-chat with friends and family, call the nurse, play popular video games, and set reminders too. 


Watch regular TV programming

View daily menus, recreational activities, events and announcements

View weather and news

Video-chat with friends and family 

Play popular games such as Bingo or Trivia solo or with other residents 

Call nurse or a member of staff

Set alerts and schedule medication reminders

Staff can push notifications and messages to residents 

Pre-programmed with Netflix, Amazon video, and other video streaming services

View photos uploaded and shared by loved ones

Remote controlled or voice assistance


Watch Regular Programming

The Buddy TV Box will run in the background while residents watch regular TV programming, streaming services, or accessing numerous functions from the menu.

All-in-one Library

Using a special remote control or voice assistance, you can select from a library of available options.

  • View daily menus
  • View weather and news
  • View events
  • View recreational activities
  • View photos shared by loved ones
  • Call a nurse or member of staff
  • Video-call a family or friend
  • Play games solo or together with other residents in the building

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